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Power industry is one of the keywords in the 21st century. Together with biotechnology and nanotechnology, it is developing rapidly and in the past it contributed to the dynamic development of human culture and increase in the standard of living of people.

For the entire century the human race were living convicted that economic growth must be accompanied by the increase of energy consumption. Resources of oil and coal were considered cheap and endless. We built the economy on an unrestricted consumption accompanied by environmental and sometimes also health damage. We used to think that this was the only way.

However, in the last decades it has become increasingly clear that this way leads the human race and our planet into destruction. The new millennium is therefore a turning point. The approach of people to consumption, impacts of their own behaviour and sustainable life options for the upcoming generations is changing radically. We are becoming responsible. Civilized world aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and seeks for ways to achieve this. Fossil fuels are replaced by renewable resources which are made advantageous and at the same time ways of energy saving are sought.

We think, together with the most advanced European economy, that the vision of diversion from fossil fuels in the upcoming decade is realistic. We wish to contribute to this vision by our activities.

In environmental conditions of the Czech Republic the most widely used renewable resource is solar energy which cannot be used up for tens of thousands years and is available for everyone.

Photovoltaics is the investment that pays off for everyone!

Contribute with us to a small change of our world! Small changes are often the beginning of the big ones!

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