Pelletizing lines

Since 2010, the company deals also with preparation and realization of project of pelletizing lines in Balkan. As in the case of photovoltaic power plants we provide complex turn-key service. In case when potential investor does not have the ready to built project, we provide support in development of project or we provide the development of the project as a complex turn-key service.

We use only top technology proven by years of operation, which is in the case of wood pelletizing lines we us technology from proven German and Austrian subcontractors, who are focused on production of single components and machines for pelletizing lines for many years. We provide commissioning and training of handymen and taking care about the administrative related to the launching of technology.

Our offer:

In the area of investment projects

  • Comprehensive counselling, including location inspection and project's suitability assessment;
  • Preparation of complete project documentation, including expert opinions;
  • Obtaining the opinion of the authorities concerned;
  • Technical and administrative support within power generation licence obtaining or concluding a contract with a distributor.

In the area of funding

  • Negotiations with funding subjects;
  • Business plan preparation, securing of energy audit, legal due diligence and other documentation;
  • Providing assistance and support in obtaining and proving own investment means – equity.

In the area of construction

  • Delivery of all materials and technologies;
  • Realization – assembly;
  • Commissioning;
  • Inspection reports.

In the area of operation

  • Operating personnel training;
  • Warranty and post-warranty service;
  • Monitoring of all important parameters of the facility and possible blackouts.

Pellets and their Production

A wooden pellet is a small cylindrical piece made from crushed wood compacted under high pressure. Being produced from local wood waste, it is a completely ecological product which is neutral in terms of greenhouse gas emissions in the burning process. Despite high calorific value (about 18 GJ/t), the emissions of CO and dust are very low which makes pellets one of the most ecological ways of mainly heat power generation. The important plus of wood pellets is that they are free of sulphur, chlorine, formaldehyde, heavy metals and other compounds harmful to health on condition that pure raw materials are used. Pellets are simple, economical and clean source of energy. Other advantages include easy manipulation and comfortable operation (pellet boilers are usually fully automatic).

The production process starts with collecting available raw materials (scraps, sawdust, wood processing waste). Wood raw material is then conveyed to grinding and milling machines in order to obtain wood powder which is then pressed under high pressure in special presses. The final product has a cylindrical shape with 6 mm in diameter. Pellets are 10 to 30 mm long depending on the setting of the technology. An ideal length is the three times pellet diameter, i.e. 18 mm.

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