Biogas power plants

Since 2010, the company deals also with preparation and realization of project of biogas power plants in Czech Republic and Slovakia. As in the case of photovoltaic power plants we provide complex turn-key service. In case when potential investor does not have the ready to built project, we provide support in development of project or we provide the development of the project as a complex turn-key service.

We use only top technology proven by years of operation, which is in the case of biogas station eg. fermenters assembled from stainless steel plates, which provides maximum resistance to highly aggressive chemical environment inside the fermenter, almost unlimited lifetime, fast assembly, shorter depreciations and investment in valuable material.

In the case of biogas power plants we us technology from proven German and Austrian subcontractors, who are focused on production of single components and machines for biogas power plants for many years. We provide commissioning and training of handymen and taking care about the administrative related to the launching of technology.

Biogas power plants:

Our offer:

In the area of investment projects

  • Comprehensive counselling, including location inspection and project's suitability assessment;
  • Preparation of complete project documentation, including expert opinions;
  • Obtaining the opinion of the authorities concerned;
  • Technical and administrative support within power generation licence obtaining or concluding a contract with a distributor.

In the area of funding

  • Negotiations with funding subjects;
  • Business plan preparation, securing of energy audit, legal due diligence and other documentation;
  • Providing assistance and support in obtaining and proving own investment means – equity.

In the area of construction

  • Delivery of all materials and technologies;
  • Realization – assembly;
  • Commissioning;
  • Inspection reports.

In the area of operation

  • Operating personnel training;
  • Warranty and post-warranty service;
  • Monitoring of all important parameters of the facility and possible blackouts.

How a Biogas Station Works?

Biogas station is a technological facility for processing of biologically degradable agricultural waste (from plant and animal production). All the materials, being renewable energy resources, are processed by means of anaerobic fermentation in a reactor. The resulting product is biogas suitable for combustion in cogeneration units.

Anaerobic fermentation is a biochemical process of degradation in the absence of oxygen. This process occurs naturally for example in bog lands, on lake beds or municipal waste landfills. Within this process a mixed culture of microorganisms gradually breaks down the organic matter in several stages.

The main product of the organic matter's anaerobic fermentation is biogas and the by-product is a stabilized anaerobic material (digestate) which may be used as fertilizer with good fertilizing effect.

The products of anaerobic digestion of organic substrate are combusted in a cogeneration unit and the resulting energy is used. Cogeneration or combined generation of heat and power is a very interesting application of modern technologies to known principles. The cogeneration unit consists of an internal combustion power generator. The advantage of cogeneration is that the waste heat conveyed from the internal combustion engine (usually by means of a cooler and exhaust system) is used for heat energy generation. The heat energy is used for heating the reactors during the anaerobic fermentation process and the excess heat energy may be used for secondary production of electric energy. This ensures high effectiveness of the entire process and consequent fuel savings and reduction of polluting emissions.

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